Hongji has been the best-kept secret in the North American market over the past two decades.

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Hongji is the leading manufacturer of the highest-quality cold forging and stamping products in the world!

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Inspiring and empowering our partners to impact lives and the planet.

Industry innovator

As an industry innovator, Hongji has invested significant resources to empower the automotive, e-mobility, security, and cutting-edge manufacturing sectors to reach new heights with our creative and personalized solutions tailored to every customer’s needs.

Turnkey solution provider

Every product that Hongji creates is manufactured with expertise and precision, along with the passion from every member of our highly experienced and dedicated team of over 1,000 business professionals. Our distinct competitive advantage lies in our complete control over every aspect of the business, from start to finish.

Supply chain Control

From material supply, utilization of advanced technologies, and streamlined processes to our unwavering commitment to consistent quality, on-time shipping, and our dock-to-dock delivery system, these traits have set Hongji apart from any other competitor in the industry.

Partnership Success

We believe that our business’s success and rapid growth are largely because our team starts with the customers’ needs and works backwards. By focusing on the outcome and not the product, we have instilled confidence in our customers, resulting in partnerships that have only strengthened over the years.

Our mission is to enable our partners to produce and deliver exceptional products while consistently maximizing corporate profit goals.

Time is at a premium in our world today.

Successful businesses find a way to go from an idea to action as quickly as possible because standing still means that opportunities pass us by. 

We have built and perfected our systems around saving our customers substantial time and money. We prioritize our customers’ profitability and work with them to tailor programs that meet their specific requirements.

Hongji empowers customers with the strength of our resources to ensure that the speed of implementation allows them to capitalize on new opportunities that generate revenue much faster.

With a constant push for innovation and perfection, Hongji has earned the reputation of being the most trusted problem solvers in the cold forging and stamping industry.

Industries We Serve

The Hongji Global manufacturing facilities are here to meet the needs of many industries, including Automotive, eMobility, Security, Textiles and many others. Whether you are working on VAVE or have a new product introduction, Hongji has the experience, technologies, and full capabilities to deliver quality results on time.


Our automotive expertise in chassis, seat belts, brakes, and other systems is widespread. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce bushings, screws, nuts, brake bolts, safety belt screws, pins and more.

Safety & Security

In the security sphere, where precision and reliability are paramount, Hongji has emerged as a pivotal player, offering a comprehensive array of precision solutions for door locks and hardware. 


We serve the high-end spinning machinery industry with stamping parts and fasteners — everything from weld nuts to control rods, grippers and guides. Our design and engineering competencies allow us to manufacture custom fasteners and stamping products with the best turnaround.   


We serve the most widely known companies in eMobility. The applications include chassis systems, battery technology, interior and powertrain. Cold-headed standards and specials of all varieties are within our scope and experience. 

New Energy

Hongji is leading the way in producing various components for solar and other new energy leaders. Our experience, technology and innovation allow our clients to run their production schedules without interruptions.  


We are a destination for many other manufacturing industries to meet their requirements for all types of fastener and stamping products. Whether you need simple or complex screws, nuts, brake bolts, spindles and latches, you can count on us.

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