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The landscape of designing and manufacturing fastener and stamping solutions is about to undergo a significant transformation. Are you ready?

Meet Hongji

Experienced, yet innovative. Global, yet local. Hongji Global is your perfect choice to design, engineer, manufacture, and deliver your precision cold-headed and stamped production parts. With six factories located throughout Asia and North America, including a brand new cold heading facility in Saltillo, Mexico, Hongji is your trusted partner that you can count on to deliver quality products to your plant no matter where in the world your assembly operations need us.

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Problems We Solve

20+ Years in the Making

Our unique and streamlined vertical operations, from raw material processing to in-house tooling, cold forming, machining, heat-treating and plating, and rapid duck-to-duck delivery system, allow our clients to expedite their production schedules efficiently. Hongji Global gets things done right the first time, on time, and consistently. To our clients, that means confidence and peace of mind.

Industries We Serve

The Hongji Global manufacturing facilities are here to meet the needs of many industries, including Automotive, eMobility, Security, Textiles and many others. Whether you are working on VAVE or have a new product introduction, Hongji has the experience, technologies, and full capabilities to deliver quality results on time.


Our automotive expertise in chassis, seat belts, brakes, and other systems is widespread. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce bushings, screws, nuts, brake bolts, safety belt screws, pins and more.

Safety & Security

Hongji has 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing parts in the Safety & Security Industry. Our security clients benefit from product know-how in door lock cover plates, bins, bushings, spindles and latches.


We serve the most widely known companies in eMobility. The applications include chassis systems, battery technology, interior and powertrain. Cold-headed standards and specials of all varieties are within our scope and experience. 


We serve the high-end spinning machinery industry with stamping parts and fasteners — everything from weld nuts to control rods, grippers and guides. Our design and engineering competencies allow us to manufacture custom fasteners and stamping products with the best turnaround.   

New Energy

Hongji is leading the way in producing various components for solar and other new energy leaders. Our experience, technology and innovation allow our clients to run their production schedules without interruptions.  


We are a destination for many other manufacturing industries to meet their requirements for all types of fastener and stamping products. Whether you need simple or complex screws, nuts, brake bolts, spindles and latches, you can count on us.

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October 10-11

The International Fastener Expo is North America’s most extensive business-to-business trade show for all types of fasteners, machinery & tooling, and other industrial products.

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