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As industry innovators, Hongji transcends conventional manufacturing, specializing in precision solutions that serve as catalysts for progress in the automotive, e-mobility, security, and cutting-edge manufacturing sectors.

Hongji’s commitment goes well beyond production. Our dedication to developing strong relationships with our customers results in collaborations that enable them to experience unprecedented growth and profitability.

Our Core Beliefs

Every member of our Hongji team possesses a strong belief that we have a responsibility to carry out our business so that we make a positive impact on people’s lives and our planet.

Our expertise extends beyond mere manufacturing; we are a team of skilled artisans who take immense pride in consistently showcasing the highest level of craftsmanship achievable. Our commitment to crafting products with expertise, passion, and precision stems from a deep-rooted belief in making a meaningful difference.

At Hongji, every product we manufacture is a testament to our integrity, ethics, dedication to excellence and an unwavering desire to do things the right way!


Collaborating with market leaders is not just a ‘buzz’ statement; it is a business strategy and a mission that we are so focused on, day in and day out. We empower our partners to thrive in their respective spaces through a fusion of innovation, speed, and a comprehensive range of fastener and stamping solutions. At Hongji, we do not just meet expectations…we redefine them!


Our competitive edge is not a singular factor; it’s an integration of total control over material supply, cutting-edge technologies, a seasoned and dedicated team, streamlined processes, and an unwavering commitment to consistent quality and on-time delivery. This holistic approach raised the bar and set Hongji far apart in the sphere of high-quality fastener and stamping manufacturing.


Hongji’s impressive impact resonates globally with a network of five cutting-edge factories. We have solidified our presence as an industry leader with over 1000 dedicated employees, 100 cold forging machines, 150 stamping machines, and an impressive annual revenue of USD 180 million.


We demonstrate our versatility and expertise through a wide range of product and service offerings, which include Cold Forging, Stamping Parts, and Deep Drawn Parts.

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