Hongji Tecate

Stamping & Deep Drawn Factory


Founded in 2015 in San Diego, CA, Hongji Metal USA, LLC swiftly expanded by acquiring a Mexican factory (TPN’s predecessor) specializing in deep-drawn stamping parts for North American customers since 1996.

The Mexican factory boasts over 30 stamping machines, primarily high-speed punching and continuous die machines, dedicated to supporting local North American customers, strategically designed for a “Developed in China, Delivered in Mexico” mode, optimizing costs and reducing stock for North American clients.

Factory Profile

In 2015, Hongji made a strategic move by acquiring a well-established stamping parts factory with a rich history in deep-drawn and progressive stampings. This acquisition paved the way for establishing USA Hongji, with its factory in Tecate, Mexico, and its San Diego, California office.

Our Mexican plant boasts state-of-the-art equipment, primarily high-speed punches, consisting of over 20 facilities ranging from 30 to 200 tons. This allows us to deliver highly competitive products to our esteemed North American customers.

Capitalizing on the cost advantage of Chinese manufacturing and the geographical advantage of our Mexican factory, we have successfully implemented a unique production model: manufacturing in China and delivering in Mexico.

This innovative approach enables us to reduce costs and inventory while significantly shortening delivery time. Moreover, it empowers us to provide our valued North American clients with exceptional value-added services professionally and efficiently.

By leveraging our extensive expertise and resources, we strive to exceed customer expectations by seamlessly combining the strengths of Chinese manufacturing with the strategic location of our Mexican factory.

  • Daily production capacity of 200K parts per machine, using high-speed stamping machines.

Transfer Die

  • Daily production capacity of 9K to 30K parts per machine.

Warehousing & Storage Management

  • Streamlined processes for high-volume production of fasteners, stamping parts, and assembly in China, with delivery to Hongji Tecate for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) for clients. This initiative aims to shorten lead times and reduce inventory.


ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2017, ensuring full compliance with ISO standards and a robust quality management system.

Quality Policy

Hongji is committed to providing products and services that surpass all customer expectations, supported by a quality management system, lean manufacturing, research and development, and continuous improvement.


Hongji showcases technical proficiency with 11 different latch types, achieving a monthly productivity of 4 million units. All stamping parts are self-manufactured.

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