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In The Beginning

It all started in 2000 in a small bungalow in Jiading, Shanghai. There, a few modest machines could be heard working robustly in sync, 24 hours a day, as they produced screws which were all engraved with a very distinctive ‘H’ emblem. After 20 years of consistent growth and development, the ‘H’ has transcended its origins in Shanghai and now symbolizes excellence all around the world.

That small factory that began with such humble beginnings has now evolved into an international enterprise that proudly operates six factories worldwide. With a dual presence in both domestic and overseas markets, the Hongji Group has achieved an impressive annual sales volume of over 180 million USD…and we are just getting started!

In the company’s early stages, Hongji operated with a very modest workforce, where a few dedicated individuals performed multiple roles. Fortunately, the company’s inception coincided with a period of positive economic reforms and the opening of markets in China. At the same time, the country’s entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) set the stage for a very favourable market environment whereby both domestic and foreign customers began to show their robust demand for orders.

Hongji strategically capitalized on these opportunities, offering products and services known for their focus on high quality, consistency, and unwavering commitment to quick turnaround times. This pledge to excellence allowed Hongji to establish a strong presence within many diverse sectors, including the lock and electronics industries, along with the rapidly growing market for fasteners to supply the fitness equipment industry.

Despite the company’s early success, Hongji’s CEO, Steven Xie, remained aggressive and forward-thinking in his quest for profitable growth. Recognizing the need for long-term sustainability, innovation, and competitiveness to be a market leader, he explored more unique and robust opportunities for the company’s future.

Leveraging the knowledge and focused mindset of an experienced leader, Mr. Xie’s vision for Hongji’s trajectory was to anchor the company in sustainable and profitable businesses that represented the largest areas of future growth. With a clear path in mind, the company shifted its focus to the automotive and security industries.

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